Property Hunt Toowoomba is the perfect combination of having broad sales knowledge and administration experience. My wife Marilyn and I utilise our respective skills in creating an ideal agency package.

The Real Estate industry has changed considerably in the last 5 to 10 years. Many experienced agents have now realised they no longer need franchises behind them to run a successful business. Sellers are looking for agents who display competency and honesty – rather than franchises who push through a constant wave of new and inexperienced agents lacking knowledge and longevity.

While selling your most valuable asset, you can trust we are highly experienced, always giving you invaluable benefits and trusted advice

Our History

I began my Real Estate career around 2004 in Toowoomba, starting with a company that could provide the best training I could find – but most importantly – ethics – a vital requirement in any business.

My previous sales background includes 11 years in the Insurance industry and approximately 20 years in Hospitality. Both of which provided a wide range of experience working with people. I believe that authentic selling is about understanding people and creating relationships rather than focusing on a specific product.

Marilyn has had extensive administrative experience, including over 20-years as an administrator within the Hospitality industry and extensive Public Relations and Secretarial services within the banking industry. She then enhanced those skills within the Real Estate industry during the last 15 years.

As a result, we made the most of the opportunity to combine our professions and began Property Hunt Toowoomba in January 2018.

While we remain exclusively a husband and wife Real Estate team, we have immediate access to many other experts through our vast network.

Our Services

Property Sales

Including houses, land and multiple dwellings.

Investment Strategy

We evaluate project sites and high-yield residential properties on your behalf.

Retiree Sellers

We provide a unique and understanding approach to this demographic, including pre-sale preparation and advice.

Off-market Knowledge

We facilitate specialised searches by zone and/or location for both investment and owner-occupier clients providing more information about future investments or sales.

Buyers Agent

We undertake searches and approach projects for specific buyer inquiries.

Honest Advice

Our investigation into Pre-sale listings either maximise the highest possible price or highlight the least expensive avenue to put your house on the market. We’ll always tell you how it is, guaranteeing a relationship that is the real deal.


Usually, we look at comparable sales plus a summation of the land value and improvements. The right agent can guide you in this process.

Queensland has now deregulated fees and is in line with all other states. Agents are required to express their fee as a percentage, including GST. The fee can vary depending on the necessary level of service. Therefore, each case is priced on its own merits.

We will agree on a marketing strategy based on budget and requirements, including signage, internet and existing database.

The idea behind Auctions is to suit the agent and also the buyer. However, sellers can never be sure the auction has achieved the highest price because all other buyers are aware of all offers. It can be stressful for the buyer and very stressful for the seller. If you want to achieve a better price, you simply need a good negotiator and a Multiple Offer Form. Offers remain private, and all must submit their “Best” offer.

Residential contract times will vary depending on the terms and conditions written into the document. Minimum times are generally 21 days for unconditional (building, pest and finance) and 35 days for settlement. Longer times are at the agreement of buyer and seller.

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